Answers to your Questions


     Are Your Jars Organic & locally sourced?

    Whenever possible, we source simply the finest ingredients. We know that many of you care a lot about your nutrition, have food sensitivities and simply want the best! We want that for you as well. So we try our hardest to include organic ingredients whenever we can. We also source locally. This helps ensure that your ingredients are as fresh as possible while supporting our local economy.  What’s better than that?

Are the Jars recyclable?

Heck yeah. We love that we use a re-usable resource. After all, it was a deciding factor in starting JARS. Simply wash your jars out, and reuse them, re purpose them, and continue to give them new life over and over again!  We love that there is literally no waste with our packaging model.

Or leave clean jars out on your next delivery day and we will pick them up.

How Long Will These JARS Stay Fresh?

When refrigerated properly, your JARS. will stay fresh for five to seven days! WOW.  We pack the JARS. as fully as we can to aid in the preservation of our ingredients.

JARS containing meat will stay fresh for 3-4 days!

What size are your JARS?

Our breakfast/snack and dessert JARS are 250 ml.

Our lunch/dinner and soup JARS are 500 ml and they are jam packed.

How Do I Eat a JAR?

JARS. can be eaten straight out of the jar. Just tip it or shake it to get the dressing where you need it and go to town. Alternatively, you can always pour the jar into a bowl to tackle your meal old school.


JARS may contain or have come into contact with nuts, oils, seeds, dairy or other allergens.


How Do I Place An Order?

You’ll need to create an online account with us. Include all your shipping details so we’ll know where to deliver your order. When you’ve done that, head over to our online store and start filling your cart.

  If you have any questions, please drop us a note here.


Can I place an order for an event or party?

We love JARties – I mean parties!
Contact us at contact@jarsonline.ca and we will see if we can help make your party or event a delicious affair!

Do I have to sign up for a subscription? 

NO- We are not a subscription based company. You can order once, twice or as often/whenever you want.  We are confident that once you try us, you will come back for more 🙂

Do you have a referral program?

Share your referral link (found in your My Account) to spread the word about Jars.
For every referral who places an order through your link,
you will receive a $10.00 coupon to use on your next order.
(Once your referral’s order is complete. Valid for NEW customers only)


Do You Deliver?

The answer is YES we deliver to your home or office in Barrie.

        Orders placed by Thursday at 8pm are delivered on Monday. (Tuesday on            long weekends).  Orders placed after Thursday at 8pm will be delivered on Monday of the following week.

Delivery Times

We will deliver your Ridiculously Delicious JARS to your home on Mondays between approximately 9am-5pm.

Deliveries to businesses will normally be made between 9am-noon.

We are unable to provide an exact delivery time as it will
depend on how many orders, where you are on the route
and weather conditions.

Do I Need To Be Home To Receive My Order?

No. We will leave your JARS at your front door. We ask that you leave a cooler in a shady spot near your front door so we can leave your JARS. inside to keep them fresh. If you’re renewing an order, you can leave your empty jars inside the cooler and we’ll replace them with fresh ones.

Contactless Delivery

During Covid 19 we will be providing contactless deliveries to all our customers. We will knock or ring your bell and leave your Jars in front of your home or office.  (Please feel free to leave a cooler for us to place the Jars in).

We have one delivery driver and he will wear a mask and sanitize in between deliveries in order to protect himself and you and your family.

Do you deliver to Apartment Buildings?

YES!!  We will deliver to apartment buildings.
Just put a note on your order letting us know how to
gain access to the building (whether you are home or not)

Leave a cooler bag or cooler at your door, and we will put
your Jars in the cooler if you are not home.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to Alliston, Angus/Bordon, Barrie,
Cookstown, Egbert, Elmvale, Hawkestone, Innisfil, Midhurst, Minesing, Oro, Phelpston, Springwater, Thornton, Utopia and many other places.

If you try to place an order and our system says we do not
deliver to you.  Please drop us a line via live chat or
email contact@jarsonline.ca and we
will see if we can add your town to our delivery area.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Visa/ Mastercard/Discovery Card and Email Money Transfer.

*Please note – if paying by email money transfer, payment must be received before Thursday at 8pm. Payment can be sent to contact@jarsonline.ca (Please use the password:  jarsbarrie)

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us